If you are like many people, the new year began with a commitment to take better care of yourself.  Whether it was about healthy eating habits, exercise, or other aspects of self care, now is the time to follow through on that commitment to yourself!  At this “New Year, New Me” group hypnosis class, we… Read more

While it’s true that some people’s tattoos are everlasting souvenirs from evenings they would have otherwise forgotten, more often they are very carefully thought out, deeply significant works of art.  Either way, except for expensive removal procedures (or more tattooing to cover it up), they are permanent! I recently had a session with a client… Read more

Coming Soon! 7TH PATH SELF-HYPNOSIS® Class

As we move toward the holiday season, the hustle and bustle, extra “to do’s” and extra social obligations can take their toll on our stress levels.  This is a great time to give yourself a very special gift by learning self-hypnosis. 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® is a mind, body, spirit approach, which helps you better understand… Read more

Coming Soon: Honoring the season of grief and loss

During the months of October and November our local Hispanic community holds Dia De Los Muertos events, a time to honor their loved ones who have died.  This is a beautiful way to honor those who have passed, to think of them and to celebrate our memories with them, and even to heal old wounds… Read more

Coming Soon: Let it go! A walk on the beach

As we move towards Fall, the days are getting shorter and gradually the leaves begin to turn colors and fall to the ground.  The lessons from nature are clear- let go of what is holding you back so that new life can come in spring. In this group hypnosis session, we will have a walk… Read more

For Immediate Release Tustin, CA, August 1, 2019. – When the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention (www.ngh.net), gets underway on August 9-11, 2019, Brenda Titus of Healing Path Hypnosis will be part of this unique educational and networking event.  Brenda Titus is a Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist, with a practice in Orange County, California. She has been a member of the National… Read more

People Love Us on Yelp, 2019!

I am pleased to announce that Healing Path Hypnosis has been recognized with the “People Love Us On Yelp” award for the fourth year in a row! It is truly an honor to work with each and every client, and I am always so grateful to those who take the time to write a Yelp… Read more

Have you ever approached a decision point where you felt that a “part of you” wanted one choice but “another part of you” wanted another?  In the hypnosis field, we commonly talk about the various “parts” of our personalities and their various functions in our lives. It is important to be aware of our varying… Read more

Many people find that they are running from their fears, or stuffing down their anger and sadness in life.  They get stuck in a cycle of distracting from these feelings with food, alcohol, facebook, shopping, cigarettes, busy-ness, or some other behavior.  At this group, we will PLAY with our feelings to bring back the joy… Read more

What a difference a year makes- so make it great!

What a difference a year makes- so make it great! By Brenda J Titus, BCH In my former career, I was responsible for hiring new employees. An important interview question was always “how do you see yourself in a year?” Depending on the response, I’d expand that out further, but I was very aware of… Read more

As a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Brenda follows the NGH Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
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