Healthy Eating While Flattening the Curve: Overcoming Distracted Eating

When I see new clients for weight issues, our first goal is to make a plan for them to change their eating habits.  In this post, I will share the importance of being physically and mentally present when you are eating.  Yep, it’s time to turn off the TV and reclaim the dining room table!

The problem with eating in front of the TV is that it then becomes associated with food- so when you sit in front of the TV when you’re not actually hungry, it starts to feel like something is missing.  These days, sitting in front of the TV probably isn’t very appetizing anyway, so it makes perfect sense to use this time to reclaim the dining room table (or the kitchen table).  While families are at home together more than usual, possibly getting in each others way and competing for resources like the internet or tv, this time around the table together can bring everyone back together in a more positive way.

Additionally, when we are more present with our food, we are actually able to enjoy it better- and when we enjoy it more, it is more satisfying, which means we actually ultimately eat less. This is another important element when it comes to healthy eating- listening to the body’s signals for “hunger” and “satisfaction.”  When we are distracted by the tv, our phones, etc., we might miss the important signal of fullness.  When you think about food like fuel, I can imagine you don’t like it when you “overfill” the gas tank of your car and it fuel spills over the side.  That’s what we do when we keep eating when we are no longer needing fuel in our bodies.

It’s time to make new habits and choices so that you can be present while eating.  With these tools, it’s time to end overeating once and for all.  Following is a 20 minute hypnosis video to support you in making these new choices!

This is a 3-part series, please be sure to take a look at the other articles for additional information!

Part 1: Emotional Eating

Part 2: Time, Tools, Tenacity

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