Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnosis Sessions with Brenda Titus at Healing Path Hypnosis

At Healing Path Hypnosis, Brenda offers Hypnosis Sessions to guide clients through advanced hypnotherapy techniques to find the answers within themselves to make the changes that they want to make. Brenda employs techniques to help clients understand the underlying thoughts, beliefs, and feelings driving the issue. By utilizing this process, we are able to resolve most issues in five to seven sessions. Here are some of the highlights of services at Healing Path Hypnosis:

Confidential services provided in a professional office environment.

Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques, including 5-PATH® (5 Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis Sessions).

  • Brenda will carefully explain hypnosis to you before beginning your sessions, ensuring your comfort level and answering any questions you may have.
  • Brenda will ask you about your history and the history of the issue that you are working to overcome.
  • Then Brenda will talk to you about the benefits of making changes in your life and help you set goals so that you will be able to notice yourself following through on these changes and goals.
  • Each session is personally tailored to your situation and goals.
  • Incremental change- each week Brenda will work with you to evaluate your progress, which will provide hope and courage to take the next step on your path.
  • Brenda regularly assesses your goals and fine-tunes the sessions to your needs.
  • For more information on 5-PATH®, please visit: http://www.5-path.com/what-is-5-path.php

The Secret Language of Feelings

  • Brenda often talks to clients about their relationship with their feelings.  Sometimes the feelings of fear, anger, guilt and sadness hold us back from accomplishing our goals.  Clients often report the realization that they are stuffing their feelings down with food, alcohol, or cigarettes.  As she helps you develop a new relationship to your feelings, you will be able to embrace joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • For more information on The Secret Language of Feelings, please visit: http://www.thesecretlanguageoffeelings.com/

7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

  • Brenda is trained in a mind, body, spirit approach to self-hypnosis called 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.
  • Self-hypnosis provides connection to your higher power to help solve problems and overcome challenges.
  • By working with self-hypnosis as part of your sessions, Brenda provides a tool for you to use after your sessions to continue to gain insight into your life.
  • Self-hypnosis requires regular practice on your own between sessions, so generally 20-40 minutes a day.
  • For more information on 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, please visit: http://www.5-path.com/what-is-7th-path-self-hypnosis.php

Soul Entrainment® Sessions

  • Soul Entrainment® sessions provide the opportunity to connect with the wisdom of the soul for guidance, clarity, connection to spirit, and connection to loved ones in spirit.
  • Offered as a single session, Brenda will meet with you to discuss your goals, your history, and help you set your intention for the session.  Brenda will guide you through a process to connect with your soul or your higher wisdom.  She will guide you through the session based on your needs and intentions.
  • For more information on Soul Entrainment®, please go to: http://createheaven.com/soul-entrainment/

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As a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Brenda follows the NGH Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
*Note : Results May Vary. Hypnosis results will vary from client to client.