A light at the end of the tunnel

I cannot imagine anyone who has been unaffected in some way by the Covid 19 Pandemic, but it is true that each person is (and will continue to be) impacted in their own unique way.  Early on we shared the tag line “We are all in this together,” but it is clear we are not in the same boat- but we are in the same ocean!  While this has been a dark, difficult time, today I wanted to share some thoughts on ways to bring the “light” back to our lives so that we can focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

 As I mentioned, we aren’t in the same boat, but we are in the same ocean.  Each person experiences the impact differently.  But we aren’t alone- not only each person- each family, each friend group, each church, each sport, each school, each business, each industry, each office, etc. It is important within these various facets to “find the light” to give us hope.  I hope that within the various structures in your life, there is a ray of hope, kind of like a beacon or a lighthouse to help guide you along the way.  Or perhaps on a good day, you can be that light to others! Reach out with a fun text, give someone a call, spread some cheer.  In my neighborhood, I get so excited on my daily walks when I see a ray of light that has been left by various neighbors- sidewalk chalk drawings, fairy garden updates, window decorations, etc.  When I see these, it brightens my day and inspires me to pay it forward.

 Since so many parts of our lives are impacted, the light at the end of the tunnel is a bit hard to pin down.  The end of one tunnel might lead to another tunnel, like goalposts along the way.  As we prepare to move from one phase of “re-opening,” to another, a light at the end of the tunnel might be eating at a favorite restaurant, or a back yard visit with friends and family.  Further in the distance, returning to the gym, hair dresser or massage therapist.  Even further, movies, concerts…. Disneyland!  I think it’s important to recognize all of those various goals as lights at the end of the tunnel, recognizing that just like in life, there will be more tunnels. And more lights at the end of them!

 Speaking of “light” and goals…. in 6 months, it will be time for a different kind of light.  The days will become shorter, and it will be time for us to bring the light into our homes, commonly by decorating our houses with lights and lighting candles.  These have traditionally been ways to bring the light back to us during the months of darkness in winter.  We did it 6 months ago, and we’ll do it again in 6 months.  The cycle of life continues.

 Last winter, I enthusiastically talked about the year 2020 as a year of “clear vision.”  It still has the potential for that, even if it wasn’t quite how we thought it was going to be.  If you’ve fallen off track with your personal goals during this time, it’s ok, you can return to them! Or maybe your priorities changed and you have different goals- that’s ok too!  This is the time to stop, reflect, and make a choice, to reclaim your clear vision for the second half of 2020!

Following is a recording to help inspire you and help you get through the “tunnels” in life and maintain focus on the light in each day.
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