Stress Relief and Relaxation During COVID-19 and Beyond

During this period of “stay at home” policies throughout the world, our homes have become our everything- home is the workplace, it is the school, it is the place for recreation, entertainment, dining, and it is the place for REST! Unfortunately, it is probably also the place of STRESS due to economic uncertainty, relationship issues, concerns about medical issues, and for many, grief and loss.

Hypnosis to the rescue!

My trademark hypnosis services at Healing Path Hypnosis are related to change, transformation, and overcoming challenges. I am also well skilled and practiced in working with  clients on relaxation, stress management and sleep issues.  In my most common program offered during in-person sessions, I utilize a transformational hypnosis process where we work on the underlying thoughts, beliefs and feelings driving the internalized stress that leads to the stress response.  We uncover and remove old triggers so that clients can be more present and relaxed in their day-to-day lives.

As I have added online/virtual sessions to Healing Path Hypnosis, I have broadened my skills and tools to help people in new ways.  It has been fun and creative as we have facilitated change through metaphors, storytelling, creative imagery and symbolism.

Introducing Mindspa Hypnotica

Based on 8 years of helping clients overcome challenges due to stress related illness, I am passionate about helping people relax and manage stress now so that they can stay healthy mentally, physically and emotionally! I have added various relaxation methods to my program, including the “Mindspa Hypnotica Dream Experience.”  The Mindspa Hypnotica philosophy focuses on relaxation and stress management to provide clients a mental massage, which helps with stress management, creativity, and problem solving.

Sessions at Healing Path Hypnosis are 45-90 minutes in length, depending on the client’s goals and needs.

Options include:

45-60 minute interactive session
45-60 minute interactive session plus personalized recording
90 minute interactive session

Are you interested in Hypnosis sessions? Please contact me directly at for more information. I work with each client on an individual basis to determine our plan of action for virtual sessions to best ensure the client’s privacy and comfort during their sessions, as well as their goals for their sessions.


In the meantime, I’d like to provide you with resources to help you NOW!  One thing I have been highly recommending lately has been taking regular mental vacations.  You might call it daydreaming, you might call it taking a break, but whatever you do, do it regularly!  You can listen to some calming music while looking out the window at nature, you could watch a pleasant webcam, if you’re able to get outside for a walk, even better!

I am providing a free hypnosis recording today to help you relax and create an internal safe place to take a mental vacation!  Here is the link:


Finally, I have been regularly updating my blog with various tools, resources, insights and free hypnosis recordings to support you.  Please take a look at the main page for additional posts:

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