Ring in 2020 with Clear Vision!

I was at the gym in my weekly step class recently, thinking about the upcoming new year…. 2020, the year of clarity and perfect vision, the year of focus!  I noticed something funny as I was doing my exercise that day.  Occasionally, my focus would slip away from myself and my own movements and move toward something else.  One minute I was taking notice of someone else in class, another I was thinking about various things on my “to do list” that needed my attention.  Each time my focus drifted from myself and what I was supposed to be doing, I missed a step. I lost my balance.

This is a very important lesson for me and for many of my clients.  Whether through brief distraction of someone else in our field of vision, social media, our work and personal obligations, we can get distracted and we might lose sight of our own goals.  When we lose focus, we become out of balance.  We miss a step.

As we head into 2020, it is time for clarity, for focus, for vision!  During this time before the new year, it’s a great time to take stock, to assess the prior year and to set goals for the coming year.  As you think back to 2019, where were you focused and driven? Where did you miss a step or lose your balance?  When did you realized you’d lost your way? How would you like to handle those situations in the future?

Allow yourself to create a vision- a clear, focused, perfect vision for yourself as you embrace 2020!

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