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I often recommend books to my clients to help support the work that we are doing in their sessions and for ongoing education to help them along their healing path as they are preparing for their sessions or after our sessions are complete.  These are books that I have personally enjoyed and have found value in sharing with my clients, and I do not receive anything from the authors for recommending them.  I hope that they will support you in your healing journey!

I have been recommending “The Empath’s Survival Guide,” by Judith Orloff, MD to most of my clients since I initially read it in 2017.  This book is the first place to start if you are more sensitive to other people’s emotions and realize you need to set healthy boundaries and practice self care.  Many of my clients have found this book to be extremely helpful, especially those who have tended to attract more toxic people into their lives in the past (which I learned from the book is quite common).

Thriving as an empath, 365 days of self care for sensitive people,” By Judith Orloff is brand new, but I ordered it right away so I could take a look at it before telling my clients much about it.  Each day has a theme, including a short paragraph of inspirational reading, followed by an intention for the day.  She acknowledges special days throughout the calendar year, including the ebb and flow of seasonal changes.  She made sure to include February 29, as the coming year will be a leap year.  I am excited to work with this book as part of my own personal growth in the new year.

The empath’s empowerment journal, your self care companion,” By Judith Orloff. This is a neat format for a journal.  There are prompts/questions, places to write words or pictures- it encourages creativity in the journal writer.  It can be used alongside either (or both) of the other books or on its own.


You can heal your life,” By Louise Hay is an excellent book that approaches many of the themes that I work with in the hypnosis office, especially self love, inner child healing and forgiveness.  This book is especially useful in explaining the physical toll that emotional distress takes on the body.  I commonly reach for this book to discuss these themes with clients, as they are helpful in our work together, whether the client is seeing me for physical issues or it is a side note to our work together.

The secret language of feelings, a rational approach to emotional mastery,” By Calvin D. Banyan, is one of the foundations of my hypnosis training and practice.  In this book, Cal explains that all of our feelings are good when properly expressed (yes, even your anger has a positive purpose and you can learn to partner with it in a healthy way!).  This book is especially helpful for people who are turning to what we call “too much” behaviors (like eating, drinking, etc) to distract from their feelings.  It lays an excellent foundation to partner with your feelings and overcome these too much behaviors!


Reprogram your weight,” By Erika Flint is an excellent book that incorporates the philosophies of hypnosis and weight loss, with emphasis placed on emotional eating and underlying root causes of the weight issue.  When I originally read the book I had my own “aha” moment about a particular food that I’d been eating “emotionally.”  Once I understood that, I was immediately able to enjoy eating less of that special food, and actually enjoy it more.  This book is also helpful for people who drink too much or participate in other “distracting” behaviors.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these recommendations and that they help you or someone you care about! For additional books and movie suggestions, please take a look at my Resources page:


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    Awesome Brenda !! Thank you so much✨ Stay safe & lets schedule just ASAP !
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