10 Keys for going from classroom to client

I often mentor new hypnotists as they are beginning their new hypnosis practices.  There is a great deal to learn as they complete their training, and sometimes they get bogged down in the details of what to do first.  When I was a new hypnotist, I had a wonderful opportunity to participate on the “Hypnosis, Etc. Podcast,” and my first two appearances were specifically on this topic!  I thought it was time to dust off these old episodes and share them now, as there is plenty of valuable information to be gleaned from them!

These 10 keys assume that you’ve dealt with the preliminaries- location, website, outreach and you’ve BOOKED A CLIENT- they’re on their way to see you- NOW WHAT??

  • Give yourself plenty of time to prepare yourself. Don’t schedule your first client today for a session tomorrow until you are more experienced.
  • Give yourself plenty of time for your session- be sure to take into account time for your client to complete intake paperwork, as well as to explain hypnosis to them and answer all of their questions.
  • Take advantage of all of the great resources available to you for ongoing study and support.  There are many resources available online- podcasts, message groups on facebook, and don’t forget to review all of your training materials!
  • Prepare session outlines so you have a guideline for your session.
  • Be self-motivated and be a self-starter. You are your own boss now and it all falls on you.  Your success will be your client’s success! (If you need help on being a self-starter, get sessions to help you overcome any blocks to your own success).
  • Prepare for each phase of client intervention as they come. As you first start out, don’t get so concerned about what you’ll do in session 3 or 4 before doing sessions 1 and 2… your work will reveal the answers.
  • Pick a great confidence boosting script for your first session with each client. Reading it to yourself to prepare it and out loud in session will rebound back onto you and will give you confidence as well.
  • Keep up with your own self-hypnosis practice- visualize yourself doing a fabulous job!
  • Be self-reflective- what did you do right and wrong? Watch your session videos and troubleshoot them, talk to classmates or mentors, utilize online message boards.
  • JUST DO IT! By us proceeding with confidence and “JUST DOING IT!” we are showing our clients that they can “JUST DO IT” to!

I hope you find these 10 keys helpful, and that you enjoy the following videos where we go more in-depth on the 10 keys!  Wishing you success in everything positive that you put your mind to!

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