Springing Forward and Bouncing Back!

 I often use this time of year to talk with clients about the metaphors of springtime- rebirth, renewal, butterflies/transformation, and this year as I think about spring, I am also thinking about themes of “bouncing back” after the last year of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Throughout this last year, I’ve worked with clients on coping through the challenges associated with the pandemic.  Common themes included fear, uncertainty, anxiety, relationship issues, boundaries, grief/loss, and often the struggle of the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer only to move back a few hundred feet again.

As we are coming full circle to the the one-year mark, I am seeing people come in seeking help to prepare to return to their worksite and public life (including issues around crowds/driving/traffic), social anxiety, weight loss after a year of comfort eating, and the impact of ongoing stress/uncertainty.  Some people have been coming in ready to “spring forward” and “bounce back”- after a year of living through a pandemic, they are ready to reclaim their lives in exciting ways- I’m guiding people through career changes, overcoming old fears so that they can fully embrace life in the future, and people ready to say “yes” to love and healthy relationships.

I wanted to share these thoughts today as I think about my own goals for the next several months.  How do I “spring forward” at Healing Path Hypnosis to help people?  In what ways will I “bounce back” into my routine?  I still have a lot of unknowns as all of my speaking engagements and events are still on hold.  I do know that I’ll be taking time off over the summer to visit my family after a long break of not being able to do so.  I imagine I’m not alone on either of these plans!

As you think about this time of year, I want to challenge you to think about something: what ways are you ready to “spring forward” and “bounce back?”  Do you need help processing the last year of living through a pandemic? How do you want to experience this new season of your life?  Are there new things on the horizon? Do you need help with these goals?  If so, I’d love to help you get there!

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