Hypnosis for Sleeping Problems, Insomnia, Stress

Hypnosis for Sleep

Hypnosis for Sleep

Many clients indicate that they need help overcoming sleep problems or stress. This is not surprising. We live in a busy world. Many of Brenda’s clients indicate that they struggle with balancing their careers, their family lives, and their other obligations, which leaves little time for self care. Suddenly, there’s eight hours of time for sleep, but the mind says “finally, time for me to solve life’s problems!” With Hypnosis for sleep, Brenda utilizes a variety of methods to help with sleep and stress management.

What is keeping you up at night? For many clients, Brenda addresses the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are interfering with their sleep each night. Overcoming this internal dialogue helps clients get more restful, restorative sleep, while developing an action plan to resolve the issues that are driving the problem.

Relaxation and self hypnosis: The mere act of coming to hypnosis sessions helps retrain the mind and the body toward a state of relaxation. Brenda often teaches clients self-hypnosis techniques so they can continue to practice relaxation on their own.

Stress management: As Brenda works with clients to overcome life’s challenges, she talks about ways to handle the day to day stressors, along with the periodic major stressors of life. As clients find ways to create balance in their lives, giving themselves more time for self care and down time, they find that they have more energy and motivation to achieve other goals in their life.

Hypnosis can help! Here is some great information from “Tuck,” a community devoted to promoting sleep health awareness. Treating Insomnia With Hypnosis

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