Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis is a popular and effective method for smoking cessation. In Brenda’s smoking cessation program, she focuses on three primary themes: habit change, learning, and understanding what you are “stuffing down” when you smoke, and building confidence and self worth to make healthy choices.

As you begin your sessions, Brenda will talk extensively with you about your smoking history, including the problems or concerns that smoking has caused and any benefits that you feel you’ve gained from smoking. Brenda will also talk with you about the good reasons to be a non-smoker- your motivation to quit. She will work with you on the first session to create the expectation of a life that is enjoyable, happy, and healthy as a non-smoker; a life that is far more fulfilling than the life of a smoker. For many people, the habit change becomes very easy, and they are able to accomplish the goal of becoming a nonsmoker in two sessions.

For some clients, the cigarettes are more than a habit, they are part of the client’s coping strategy to deal with stress, anger, or even frustration. In this instance, we work together on a more in-depth basis to address “what you are stuffing down” with the cigarettes.

Habit change: Hypnosis is an effective form of habit change. When the subconscious mind is provided with good reasons to change, it easily learns and accepts new habits. Brenda works with each client to identify these reasons to make change and help them access their subconscious minds to help it accept new information and expectations.

What are you stuffing down? Brenda often talks to her smoking cessation clients about “The Secret Language of Feelings,” explaining that often, when we are reaching for cigarettes, we are reaching for something else. Sometimes clients realize that when they are reaching for cigarettes, what they are really doing is trying to stuff down sadness, anger, or fear. As clients work with Brenda to understand what they are reaching for, then they are better able to reach for something that will properly address the sadness, anger, or fear, making cigarettes unnecessary and therefore undesirable.

Building confidence and self worth: Every choice in life is easier and more fulfilling when we come from a place of self worth. Each session in Brenda’s program is designed to help clients build their confidence to help motivate them to make the habit change necessary to achieve their goals.

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