Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Whether it’s their primary goal or a benefit to other changes that clients are working on, Brenda talks about healthy habits that result in weight loss with a large proportion of her clients. In the Healing Path Hypnosis weight loss program, Brenda focuses on three primary themes: habit change, learning and understanding what the client is “reaching for” when they are reaching for food, and building confidence and self worth to make healthy choices.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Habit change: Brenda does not prescribe diets in her office. Generally, people come to their sessions with a particular diet or plan in mind, which Brenda will work with them to reinforce. Sometimes, people don’t have a particular plan in place. In those situations, Brenda works with clients to make healthy choices for themselves so they can eat healthy foods in healthy quantities. If there are particular foods to avoid, Brenda will work with the client on suggestions to make different choices. Brenda uses a similar approach for exercise- clients set their goals along with their trainer or on their own, and Brenda works with them to motivate themselves to follow through.

What are you reaching for? A major part of Brenda’s approach to weight loss is the exploration of “The Secret Language of Feelings” and an understanding that often, when we are reaching for food, we are reaching for something else. Maybe we are reaching for the feelings of love associated with particular foods or we are reaching for food to stuff down sadness, anger, or fear. As clients work with Brenda to understand what they are reaching for, then they are better able to reach for something that will properly provide love or address the sadness, anger or fear while giving food its proper role- to fuel the body.

Building confidence and self worth: Every choice in life is easier and more fulfilling when we come from a place of self worth. Each session in Brenda’s program is designed to help clients build their confidence to help motivate them to make the habit change necessary to achieve their goals.

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