Into the Cocoon- Change and the new normal during COVID 19 and beyond

Most states have been under some sort of “stay at home” or “safer at home” orders for at least a month now. Some areas have experienced significant loss of life and many people personally impacted by the virus, while others have had smaller numbers of cases and possibly less significant personal impact.  Whether it’s a health impact, an economic impact, the experience of grief, loss or uncertainty, one way or another, we have all been significantly impacted by this situation, and we are all in this together.

Even as states prepare for their “peak,” there are discussions about what will happen next- what is the “new normal” going to be like, and when will it take place? How do we transition? This time has been like a cocoon.  We are preparing to emerge from the cocoon, but it’s an important time to remember that the butterfly looks very different from the caterpillar that entered the cocoon.

While there are many aspects of this situation that are out of our control, such as when we can eat at a restaurant, go to a movie, see our massage therapist, hairdresser or personal trainer, return to social and spiritual gatherings, or even visit our elderly family members. It’s important to remember what we can control- our own actions that will ultimately create the structure in which we will build our own “new normal.” Our actions are dictated by our thoughts, beliefs and feelings, so it’s important to remain focused on what we want for our lives, our relationships, our educational or career goals, our families and our communities so that we can take action now to bring them into being. 

The Cocoon of Change

Below, you’ll find a link for a 20 minute hypnosis recording titled “The Cocoon of Change.” Following are some journal questions you can incorporate into the experience.
What do you want for your personal “new normal?”
How is the “new normal” requiring you to adapt (work, home life, social, spiritual, health)
Are there things that you were dissatisfied with in the past that you are ready to change to help make your “new normal” more fulfilling and gratifying?
What is the middle ground for your situation- the continued “cocooning” time and then the “new normal” (New normal and normal for now)….


Here is the link for “The Cocoon of Change” recording:


The New Normal for Healing Path Hypnosis

This period of time has provided opportunities for me to push past obstacles and to grow in my own skills as a hypnotist.  I’ve created recordings, blog posts, and Facebook posts to assist my clients and community.   I’ve continued to see clients through various virtual platforms, and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to be creative in my approach to hypnosis with my online clients.  While I am very passionate about the intensive, transformational hypnosis programs that I’ve done in my office for many years, I have many tools in my toolbox, and it has been fun to use a more broad spectrum of approaches to help people. 

While this period of change and the impact many of us have experienced was unexpected, it is exciting to see people (including myself) adapt and evolve. I  am pleased to share that ultimately, this time of cocooning will benefit more people in new ways as I expand my online session options and implement new services when we return to the office. 

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