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Group Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnosis Home Parties: Relax with your friends as Brenda takes you on a healing journey. Hypnosis can help you understand yourself, build confidence, and live a happier life. Learn about using hypnosis to control stress, lose weight, connect to your life’s purpose, and more!

Business Workshops: Hypnosis can help your employees and colleagues relieve stress, build sales confidence, and become more productive. Brenda can come to your next training, retreat, or conference to help your workplace become a healthier and more efficient environment.

Popular Group Sessions Available for your home or workplace setting (also available at the Healing Path Hypnosis Office):

    • Introduction to Hypnosis: A walk on the beach 
      Perfect for anyone new to hypnosis. After a brief overview of the safe and effective uses of hypnosis, take a healing stroll along a beautiful seashore. Throw away all that holds you back, and fill yourself with energy and optimism for a new path in life. Emerge from your group hypnosis session filled with confidence about the road ahead.
    • Introduction to Hypnosis: A visit to the garden of healing
      Another great option for those who are new to hypnosis. After learning about hypnosis and how it can safely help you heal life’s stresses and obstacles, relax as all that holds you back gently gets washed away by the sea. Enter into a garden of healing where you finally release what holds you back and begin to grow anew. Emerge from your group hypnosis session with a stronger sense of self and greater confidence.
    • Introduction to Hypnosis/hypnotherapy: Program yourself for confidence
      Sometimes past experiences program us to be less confident and effective than we can be. It’s time to change that programming. Under hypnosis, your group will remove the programming that wired you to lose confidence and help you reprogram yourself for confidence and success. Emerge with your group with an update on your mental software.
    • Re-Program Yourself With Self Love When we have love for ourselves, we treat ourselves with respect and grace.  This makes it so much easier to believe we are worthy of achieving our goals, helping gain the motivation and energy to follow through.  Come to this discussion and group hypnosis session to experience ways to make this possible for yourself!
    • Wash away resentment to create a positive future

      When we feel anger, it means that there is something or someone in our life that is not fair or balanced.  The feeling of anger should inspire us to do what we can to make the situation more fair, but most people haven’t been taught how to do this in a way that will get their needs met. This leads to explosive anger and/or toxic, internalized resentment.  In this workshop, we will discuss healthy ways to process these feelings, along with a group hypnosis session to help release unnecessary anger.

    • Overcoming Negativity
      We’ve all had people and situations in our lives that are hard to deal with and create negative or painful emotions. Learn a powerful technique for overcoming these situations, taking control over your own responses, and creating a healthier environment for everyone.
    • Coming into balance with the many aspects of yourself
      In the hypnosis field, we commonly talk about the various “parts” of our personalities and their various functions in our lives.  It is important to be aware of our varying parts to overcome inner conflict and to call upon strengths in special situations.  In this workshop, we will explore various “parts” (or archetypes) of our personalities, recognizing their various strengths and bringing the parts into alignment and balance.
    • Chakra cleansing and balancing
      In this group session, we will talk about how our bodies hold onto blocks in our energy centers, called Chakras.  We will discuss each energy center, working through the “rainbow” in our bodies. We will conclude with a group hypnosis session to clear the chakra centers and open participants energy toward abundance and prosperity.

    • 7th PATH Self-Hypnosis®
      7th PATH Self-Hypnosis® is a mind-body-spirit approach to self hypnosis that gives you the tools you need to help heal yourself. In this series of up to 10 workshops, learn the technique, partner with your spiritual connections, and begin using self hypnosis in your daily life. For more information about 7th PATH Self-Hypnosis, click here
    • Weight Loss- Introduction to the Secret Language of Feelings
      Emotions have a language all their own, and often behaviors such as overeating are simply damaging responses to uncomfortable emotions. No amount of food can help you overcome sadness, anger, or frustration. Learn to identify the emotions that lead to overeating and create more effective behaviors to address your feelings and become a healthier person.
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